District 11

Serving Chatham, Bryan, Liberty, Effingham, Bulloch, Evans, Screven and Jenkins Counties.

This non-profit, political lobbyist group works for motorcyclists' rights through legislation. ABATE welcomes all cyclists and motorcycling enthusiasts. ABATE members often become involved with community efforts and work to improve the general public's views of motorcycling and motorcyclists.

ABATE is not a Motorcycle Club. It is a politically active organization focused on motorcyclists' rights and safety and is composed of riders and enthusiasts from all areas of the state, from all walks of life and who ride all makes of bikes.

ABATE's goals include rider education and public awareness of motorcyclists. Our main focus is to keep motorcycle legislation in its proper perspective. Preventing unfair legislation from becoming law is easier than fighting to get the law repealed.

We've Been Hacked!!!
 Our website has been hacked. It's nothing too nefarious, just a bunch of gambling sites that are trying to ride on our popularity and lure people to their sites by using our search results. Most of the site is still safe and we're working hard to clean up the affected bits. Due to this, I have disabled the link to the Past Events slide shows. I believe I have it cleaned up, but until I can confirm this with Google's web crawlers, our site still shows up as possibly unsafe in Google's Search Results. As soon as the issue is completely resolved, I will post a notice here as well on our Facebook site. And of course, I will announce it at the Monthly Meeting.

New Members!!
Note: If you have signed up or renewed your membership and have gone over 90 days without receiving your card, patch, etc.; the state has set up a hotline to get it straightened out.
(678) 753-6018

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