District 11


2017-2018 Legislative Agenda
  1. Oppose any motorcycle- or rider-based discriminatory and anti-gang legislation, rules or other governmental action proposed by the Georgia General Assembly or by a state agency.
  2. Support the amendment or passage of legislation that will impose tougher penalties for drivers who kill a motorcyclist while committing a moving violation.
  3. Arm prosecutors with greater legal options for prosecuting distracted road users who cause crashes that result in great bodily harm or death.
  4. Amend legislation to allow motorcyclists to use headsets, headphones or earbuds for any purpose, not just communications.
  5. Educate legislators and government officials about the importance of allowing the safe operation of a motorcycle or bicycle through an inoperative traffic-control signal.
  6. Support efforts by legislators and other organizations to repeal or modify the mandatory helmet law allowing helmet use to be a rider’s choice.
  7. Support the passage of legislation that will legalize Lane Filtering in Georgia.
  8. Promote use of and the availability of ethanol free fuel across the state.
  9. Support governmental action that enhances motorcycle use on Georgia public roads.
  10. Ensure the inclusion of motorcycles in ongoing state transportation safety and development plans.
  11. Pursue safer roadway repair and design strategies at the municipality and state levels.
  12. Lower the cost of Motorcycle Rider License-Waiver Courses in the State of Georgia by restoring State funding for the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program.
  13. Monitor private and public organizations that oppose ABATE of Georgia’s legislative agenda or mission.
  14. Support the legislative and government relations agendas of partner organizations including the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, the American Motorcyclist Association and other State Motorcycle Rights Organizations.

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